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Green Businesses vs Green Industry
Last blog, we discussed that Green initiatives aim to balance the progress of business and humanity with the impacts these advancements make on the earth and finite resources. This post, we hope to clearly differentiate between a Green Business and those in the Green industry.
Green business has the central goal of reducing, optimally to zero, its impact is on the environment (local, regional, and global), the community resources, or the local and global economy and human rights. That convoluted statement can be boiled down to this simple idea: impacts outweigh profits. This is not to say there is no room for profit; rather, profits need to be measured against the human capital and resources required to make those profits. New Belgium Beers is an example of this. They issue bicycles to each of their employees to reduce vehicle use, they have installed solar panels to reduce impact on local utilities, they self-impose a 12% tax on internal utility usage that goes to renewable projects onsite, they cycle their peak demand in opposition to the peak demand of the community reducing stress on the utility provider, and they recycle 99.9% of waste, including rerouting byproduct methane, a greenhouse gas, into the heating system of the brewery. New Belgium is also the fourth largest (by market share) independent brewer and eighth overall in the US. This success is due, in part to, their corporate culture and sustainable practices, showing that profits and green practices are not mutually exclusive.
A business in the Green industry, however, do not necessarily follow the same model. Instead, they produce, create, or sell sustainable items, develop and implement eco-friendly programs, or provide guidance for sustainable development. An example of this is Impact 7G, a Dallas County firm. Their environmental scientists, planners, geologists, biologists, foresters, drillers, geographic information system analysts, and regulatory specialists are committed to providing quality data and information for sustainable solutions. So, in addition to reducing their personal impact, Impact 7G works with others to help advance the sustainable idea.
It is a fine line, but we like to say a Green business optimizes itself, a Green Industry business optimizes others. This distinction is pivotal as an ED group, a chamber, or a community begins to target market to these sectors as they have different requirements.
Next, we will explore the general community and site requirements that Green businesses look for.

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