Woodward, The First “Green” Greenfield Site

In August of 2018, Woodward Iowa Certified the nations first Green Certified Site. We spoke to Julie Johnson for GDCDA, the lead on the project, about some things this site had to do in order to achieve this groundbreaking status. These are as follows:

A green sustainable certified site meets all the requirements of a standard certified site but also requires additional steps.

Besides the required seven due diligence studies:

  • Phase I Report
  • Floristic Quality Assessment
  • Wetlands Delineation Report
  • S. Fish & Wildlife Species report
  • Archeological and Historical Report
  • Geotech Report
  • Topography Study

Three additional reports were conducted:

  • Energy Utilization
  • Ground Heat Exchange
  • Wind & Solar Study

A new zoning district was created for the sustainable site, E-1 Eco-Business Park and protective covenants were put in place:

  • Tenants must utilize green infrastructure practices to infiltrate, evapotranspire, capture and reuse the water quality volume to maintain or restore natural hydrology
  • Harvest, treat and reuse rainwater and/or greywater to meet a portion for the project’s water needs
  • Avoid conventional irrigation and use native vegetation that minimizes water usage
  • Tenants must maintain a 100-foot buffer around existing high-quality wetlands for parking and building developments
  • Provide priority parking for carpooling
  • Incorporate charging stations for electric vehicles into site layout and build the utility conduits for the infrastructure at the time of facility construction to proactively prepare for installation as demand grows
  • Tenants must incorporate into their site plan the pedestrian and bike access ways that are planned throughout the interior of the park and to the park boundaries
  • Provide access to shower/locker areas and bike parking/storage
  • Tenants must design and construct facilities to LEED certification standards
  • Tenants must meet the standards of the Model Lighting Ordinance by the International Dark Sky Association and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
  • Participate in a renewable energy purchase program offered by the electrical service provider OR use onsite renewable energy systems to offset 5% of facility energy costs
  • Institute recycling program
  • Adopt measures to reduce heat islands either through non-roof methods, such as shade with plants or architectural structures, or roof methods such as highly reflective or vegetated roofs

The Dallas County Woodward Eco Business Park as a Certified Green Business Park is the first in the State of Iowa as well as the first in the United States.  Forward-thinking created the recognition of the importance of environmentally sensitive design in an effort to reduce the impact of the future development footprint in our environment.

Read more about it here:


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