Rural communities challenges

This is the second of a many part series about my experiences in rural communities.

The first challenge which rural towns face is cash flow. Now, every community will claim this as an issue, but for small towns, it is particularly difficult. A government is run on taxes. Taxes, primarily, are based on the value of the property and the percentage of taxable sales. We will leave the taxable sales behind, for now; I will cover it in a few posts. Forgive me, for I about to speak in generalities. I realize each town is unique, and the following statements are not representative of all rural communities. They do, however, represent nearly every community I have worked with. The first issue when it comes to tax revenue it that property is undervalued. I realize this is market driven, but it still is a concern. It may just be an anecdote and not the norm, but it is an example from my past was when we helped someone with a downpayment for a $35,000 house. Two thousand one hundred square ft, ¾ acre lot, in town. Nothing wrong with the home, that was just the value. Funny enough, he pulled up to our offices in a $50,000 truck for financial assistance on a 35k house. That same town has had move in ready house sell for 25K at auction and currently has only two houses listed over 100k, a 4,200 square foot two-story from 1935 and a home built on 5 acres, 3 acres of which is a private pond. When your community relies on property tax to run and your property is assessed that low, it makes it difficult to make the improvements the city needs.

Next, solutions, because what kind of developer would I be if I just pointed out problems and drove away?


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