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Land a location and grow your business in Dallas County, Iowa

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You want an efficient experience when searching for a location that meets your needs.

But finding all the necessary information during the site selection process can be taxing and, at times, time-consuming and frustrating as you page through countless resources to gather all the details you need.

Your time is valuable—and you need the right information in your hands to make the best decision for your business or business client.

Find everything you need to know about Dallas County, all in one place, with the Greater Dallas County Development Alliance.

Welcome to your one-stop hub for all things Dallas County! We know you just want the details—so we’ll get out of your way and get you all the information you need to help you make the best business decision.

Whether you’re looking for small-town Midwestern charm or fast-paced city life, Dallas County has it all—along with humble, hardworking people who strive to embody the Iowa spirit in everything they do.

Let us show you the Dallas County difference.

Explore buildings and sites and contact the Alliance today to take your next step!

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Why Dallas County?

As the fastest-growing county in Iowa, increasing 50% since 2010, Greater Dallas County is rapidly becoming a hub for finance, manufacturing, agricultural industry, and data and technology.

  • Competitive Business Costs
  • Affordable Living
  • Quality Amenities
  • Business-Friendly City Governments and Leadership

About the Greater Dallas County Development Alliance

As Iowans, we bring our hardworking Midwestern grit into everything we do. Since 1988, we’ve been connecting our local communities with businesses and industries across the world. We know you want to win—and that’s why we want to create a smooth experience to help you throughout the site selection process.

View Buildings and Sites

Ready to find a site?

1. View Buildings and Sites

Explore certified sites and other locations that could be the right fit for you.

View Buildings and Sites
2. Contact the Alliance

Interested in a site and want to learn more? Email the GDCDA and learn more about processes, timelines, and next steps.

3. Land a Location

Build strong connections and pursue the opportunity to grow your business in Dallas County.

Explore Dallas County

Available Sites

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