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Greater Dallas County is not short on things to do. Whether you hike, bike, or are outdoorsy in the sense that you like a good patio, there is something for everyone. Dallas County is becoming the metro’s hub for entertainment—there is never a dull moment. Just take a look!

Things to Do

From sporting events to the theater to golfing and camping, there is no shortage of things to do in Dallas County, Iowa. This list will have anyone thinking: I want to move to Iowa.

Places to See

Iowa quality of life is easy to see when you consider all the places to see—museums, landmarks, pools, and more. Here are 30+ places to visit.


Whether you are buying, building, or developing housing opportunities, we have collected the information you need.


The people are the heartbeat of any community, and Dallas County is no different. See who makes up the Dallas County area population.


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